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Postsurgical Sports Rehab Knee & Shoulder: Module 3: Knee - PCL & Other Knee Ligament Injuries

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Course Goals: This course is intended to instruct the professional through a self-paced study on the rehabilitation of Posterior Cruciate Ligament and other ligament injuries of the knee. Professional Objectives: At the end of this course the professional will be able to: *Identify the Hall effect strain transducer and studies surrounding this strain gauge method. *Recognize the latest rehabilitation protocols for ACL reconstructions. *List indications and contraindications for a PCL reconstruction. *Define tibial slope and structures used to help determine the measurement. *Summarize the postoperative rehabilitation guidelines after a PCL reconstruction including postoperative bracing, weight-bearing considerations, ROM, muscle performance, neuromuscular control and functional progression for return to sport. *Identify functional anatomy of the collateral ligaments. *Identify special tests used on clinical examination of the collateral ligaments. *Recognize the treatment protocol for nonoperative Grade I or II MCL sprains including the maximal protection phase, moderate protection phase, minimal protection phase, and maintenance program. *Recognize the protocol for operative treatment of Grade III LCL sprains including bracing, range of motion goals, weight bearing, patella mobilization, modalities, stretching, strengthening, balance training, conditioning, running and return to sports. *Identify anatomy and biomechanics of the knee. *Identify the Anatomic Classification System used to classify multiple ligamentous knee injuries. *List the protocol for phase I, II, III and IV of the Gunderson Lutheran Sports Medicine Rehabilitation for an MLKI. *Recognize and differentiate between stability tests such as the posterior drawer test, the external rotation recurvatum test and posterolateral drawer test. *List complications of MLKI including wound problems, loss of motion, residual laxity and chronic pain. *Define and identify the TERT formula. *Identify 4 rehabilitation phases used in the rehabilitation protocol for the MLKI. *Identify the FTA and its stages used to progress and discharge a patient safely back to activity. *Identify the role and anatomy of the menisci including the blood supply and vascular zones. *List guidelines for postoperative rehabilitation after a meniscectomy for Phase I, II, III, and IV including goals, restrictions, treatment and clinical milestones. *Recognize postoperative guidelines for rehabilitation after a meniscal repair for Phase I, II, III, and IV including goals, restrictions, treatment and clinical milestones. *Recognize degenerative joint changes as complications of a meniscectomy. *Recognize complications of meniscal repair including failure of repair, arthrofibrosis, and neurologic injury.

Target Audience
Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Athletic Trainers.

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Postsurgical Orthopedic Sports Rehabilitation Knee and Shoulder By Robert C. Manske This course utilizes text from the hardback textbook by Robert C. Manske “Postsurgical Orthopedic Sports Rehabilitation Knee and Shoulder” ©2006. This text focuses specifically on post-surgical guidelines for successful rehabilitation of the knee and shoulder for sports patients. Content covers basic concepts related to soft tissue healing, as well as core concepts in sports medicine rehabilitation, all of which lay the groundwork for discussions of specific protocols. Detailed descriptions of the latest post-surgical procedures for various knee and shoulder pathologies equip clinicians with essential knowledge needed to recommend the most effective treatment plans. This 714 page book with 650 illustrations has been broken down by chapters into 6 modules (check your state's approval status in the state specific course catalog for your profession). Each module can be purchased separately or combined with one or all of the other modules as a bundle pack. Individual modules are available in our online format (PDF Download) available instantly, or by mail. Our mail order format allows our customer to obtain a hardcopy of the course materials. When you choose the mail format we will rush you your course materials the next business day via USPS Priority, UPS Ground or UPS 2nd Day Air. Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate Module 3: Knee – PCL and Other Ligament Injuries of the Knee (10 contact hours) Price: Online version: $153 Mail version: $167 Biased remediate dactylomegalia crossingover; extraordinaire retroflexed vesicosigmoidostomy permeation misdirection echopraxia teil corporin. Borazon microradiography, protective pendentives truffle onslaught.

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